Question: Whatís worse than throwing up?
Answer: Throwing up Jim Beam

Did anyone see that horrible degrading Jim Beam ad recently in the 100 Greatest Pop Songs issue in Rolling Stone magazine?

The ad reads as follows: ďSometimes you pay $12 to hear bad music. Sometimes bad music is worth $12.Ē

The photo in the ad is a 3 piece female band with a few guys pumping their fists featured in the first row. Does that sound the least bit offensive to anyone?

Maybe Iím overly sensitive..I donít know, but I was so furious when I saw that ad.

Iím in the music business and work at a small record company. I showed one of our directors the ad and he could not find anything wrong with it. Maybe it is me...

But then I showed a female co-worker and the members of a female-fronted NYC band, and they did take offense.

We decided we will not support Jim Beam in any way and want to spread the word. If you find the ad offensive, then join us in banning JIM BEAM!!!

Psst..pass it on. Itís important!

Yeah, Jim Beam does have some music programs and grants that they offer to unsigned bands, but to put an ad like this in an issue of a major music magazine does not really show that theyíre supporting female musicians.

We have to get rid of this stigma that female musicians have been given. There are so many fantastic bands and solo artists out there but you wonít hear them on the radio, or see them on MTV or in a magazine.

College radio -Ė what happened??

Thereís more female music out there other than Kittie, Britney, Christina, you know them all. Iíd like to hear other female bands/artists that arenít singing dance tunes.

We all have to be stronger and be aware of whatís happening here. In order to do that, we need to combine forces and keep playing all those shows, putting out those records, and form a powerful community.

Events like Ladyfest*east will help to do that. Rock, folk, spoken work, punk, country, whatever..doesnít matter what kind of music you play.

Rock on and nixnay on the Beam.

-by Nancy Scibilia, NYC